Dawson College Seminar – February 25th – Presentation ALERT

I will be presenting a one hour seminar at Dawson College February 25th at 10h00am.

The talk is part of the Dawson College Environmental Science Seminar Series


I will be giving a talk entitled:

“Climate Change and Our Forests: A Canadian Perspective”

Talk Summary: 

Climate change is expected to increase mean annual temperature in our region 2-7°C by the end of this century. While for many of us this sounds like the opportunity to take advantage of more days at the beach, such a rapid change could cause significant damage to the forest ecosystem and its many important processes. In this talk, I will discuss some of the impacts and potential challenges we are currently faced with when ensuring the health of our forests. Finally, I will also discuss some of the research I am currently conducting in a means of evaluating the impacts of such changes on Sugar Maple, an important species in our region.

Room #: 4C1